14 years of the most complicated failure of the cause of the SpaceX rocket explosion still no clue bleep

14 years of failed SpaceX rocket explosion causes the most complicated still no clue in September 1st, the Falcon 9 rocket exploded in the static test before. The United States space exploration technologies (SpaceX) exploded a routine test Falcon 9 rocket days ago in Florida, Cape Canaveral in the incident was the cause of the explosion is not clear. However, with the passage of time, SpaceX is still the crux of the matter there is no clue. According to the "Washington Post" 10 article said, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk · has been widely for help, he said, the rocket explosion is they have ever experienced the most complex and most difficult one failure". An accidental explosion destroyed all star Beijing time on the night of September 1st, the high-profile Falcon 9 rocket exploded without warning on the launch pad. According to the pictures and video at the time of the incident, the scene of the explosion, smoke billowing flames and explosions lasted a few minutes, foreign media said the impact for a few miles from the building has obvious vibration. SpaceX spokesman Phil · Larson later said that this is a conventional rocket test, no staff working on the platform at the time, has confirmed that no casualties, but the rocket and payload has been completely destroyed. The rocket exploded originally planned to Amos-6 (Facebook) rented satellite into space. This "DOA" satellite made by Israeli Aviation Industry Corp, $200 million, was leased to Facebook, but all other companies engaged in the operation of the satellite Israel Corp. The Facebook hopes it as part of the Sahara region in South Africa to provide Internet services, this will be their first satellite internet service, is Zuckerberg so that all human beings can access the "plan to start, but the star being ruined so that these plans are delayed. After the explosion of obscure explosion, SpaceX personnel investigation quickly, today has been studying a large number of data and video, but the cause of the accident is still confused. Local time on September 9th, SpaceX’s official twitter began to the majority of users collect the scene to take the audio, video and photos, is everything possible to help the investigation data and clues that can send them by email. On the same day, musk wrote in Twitter: an important statement is: the explosion occurred when we carry out conventional fuel filling operation, the engine did not start, there is no obvious heat source." And this is the Falcon 9 rocket explosion in the most unbelievable. Usually, the Rockets are prone to accidents during launch, but the Falcon 9 was still on the ground test. Mask said the most important thing is to investigate a few seconds before the explosion of a lighter "bang" sound, which may come from the rocket itself or elsewhere, he did not rule out the possibility of an object hit the rocket. Users have made this benefit by mutual discussion, sounds like metal joints from compression fracture, such as welding or structural failure.相关的主题文章: