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14 Wine little joke, give you a solution unpacked! – Sohu to eat and drink, one laugh makes people ten years younger, don’t let the bitter life make your brow furrowed, often smiles are excellent for physical and mental. By the way, wine is not only good health, but also rich in humor cells. Today, Xiao Bian on the collection of a number of wine related jokes, to you. If you find it funny, let your friends also feel oh! The wine ate a lot of grapes and turned into wine. Wine every day in the house to sleep, a long time that the aging. The wine in the home of human face, turned into a dimple. The secret of enjoying a bottle of wine is to let it breathe freely after opening it. If it doesn’t breathe, let’s take a breath. Beer said: people who drink me generally follow. I drink liquor said: people usually straightforward. Wine said: people who drink me generally have money. Alcohol: hum! Without me, you are all smuggled goods! A man and a woman friend pinjiu. Drink up, my girlfriend suddenly opened with a good bottle of wine, said: "here, a person who does not drink 3 cups, who is a dog!" Friends can not be lost in front of the girls face, the gas is not slow, 3 bottles of wine on the belly. Then said to the woman: "to you!" Just listen to her cry! Wang! Wang!" The elder brother almost did not return to the air. The father told his son to drink is not good, prepared a cup of water and a cup of Wine, inside put a bug. The worms live in the water, the worms in the wine die. The father asked his son, "look, son, what does that mean?" The son replied: "drink Wine stomach will not have roundworm, do not eat anthelmintic." Wife and husband drink wine on the roof. His wife suddenly said with deep feeling: "I love you, I can not imagine how can I live without you." The husband was very happy to hear, responded: "I am also." His wife gave her husband a smirk said: "what? And didn’t tell you." After looking at his Wine smile. As the saying goes, the ears, seeing is believing. But now that the eye can only believe half, this sentence is perfect for drunk! Because they usually look at others are heavy shadow. 3 people discuss who drink the worst. A: I’m drunk with a drink. B: I’ll take a bite and get drunk. C: I smell the wine. Then D came over and asked what they were talking about. A: we are talking about who drink the worst. D fell to the ground as soon as he heard the word "wine". A man living on a desert island, one day to see a beauty holding Wine bottle drift to a desert island shore. Hero, beauty said timidly: "dude, you saved me, how can I repay you?" The man stared at the note with his eyes shining相关的主题文章: