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14 interview advice from Silicon Valley, to help you find the best in the world of science and technology Growth Hacking growth hacker – Sohu (growth hackers) concept by Internet entrepreneur Sean Ellis first proposed that startups through a large amount of data for testing, reliable technical means, effective implementation of business growth. In recent years, the concept of Growth in Silicon Valley and China have been warmly sought after, as the company has achieved growth methodology. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other companies have also set up a growing team, which gave birth to the Growth Hacker this cool position. This article from the growth of large coffee Andrew Chen blog. Andrew has a wealth of experience in helping companies and other start-up companies do marketing, as well as guiding the growth of many companies. Recently, when Andrew was interviewed by Reforge, he was asked how he interviewed the Growth job seekers. The following is his and other growth experts in the formation of the team often used in the interview questions, hoping to help you start your business projects. From Atlassian, SurveyMonkey, Gusto and Hubspot growth Susan Su translation interview book author Xu Yong source andrewchen.co growth is an emerging field. Whether the interviewer and job seekers, it is very difficult to find a winning reference interview. However, the field of talent and the team to help enterprises achieve the growth process plays a pivotal role, is the most important group of "growth hackers". As a result, Susan has collected some of the questions that will be used when interviewing job seekers from her colleagues. They are: 01 open hole interview questions outstanding growth hackers not only need to have the ability to solve problems creatively, but also need to be based on data and quantitative indicators of rapid product iteration. If the applicant is just going online to search for answers, he will miss an opportunity to show unique data analysis and creativity. An interview with a brain hole will help you break through your mindset and inspire creative solutions. If no interview questions bring you thinking of excitement, the job itself is likely, dull as ditch water. If you are going to join the growth sector tomorrow, Golden Gate Bridge will participate in the Golden Gate Bridge fee system project. Unfortunately, the system has lost all of the traffic data and toll data recently, and now the boss wants you to spend 15 minutes to make a forecast for the bridge tolls. Note that you do not have any historical data, only a Golden Gate Bridge design, how do you estimate the income of Golden Gate Bridge a week? This is Elena Verna to participate in the SurveyMonkey interview when a very special interview questions, but also her son相关的主题文章: