12 private digging out the trimer environmental protection and they stare at these 55 stocks tsumori chisato

12 private digging out a trimer of environmental protection and they stare at these 55 stocks ten million private equity market has been the direction of the dynamic track, its research path can cause market attention. Volcano wealth (micro signal: huoshan5188) reporter statistics found that in September to 12 well-known baiyiji private investigation of the 55 (including repeat) and ten billion private listed companies, due to the large body of ability level is higher, investors also charge for stocks ten billion private research after full of expectations, so in the end how? In September, tens of billions of private wealth survey of slow pace volcano (micro signal: huoshan5188 Choice) reporter according to the Oriental wealth statistics, StarRock investment, freshwater springs investment, Chongyang investment, exhibition Bo investment Greenwoods asset, Suzaku investment, Bo Road investment 12 more well-known private ten billion in September a total of 55 (including repeated investigation) of listed companies, the reporter found that although September is not over, but it is not difficult to see that the pace of research 12 baiyiji private equity has slowed, data show that in August the total of 12 private investigation of the 112 listed companies (including repeat). Specifically, since September, freshwater springs research led the way, the largest number of listed companies, reached 10, followed by star stone investment, exhibition Bo investment Greenwoods asset, Chongyang investment and current assets, both at 5 and above. In addition, the new Yi Sheng, seagull bathroom, oxiranchem, Shuangjie electric and other 7 companies were 2 and more than ten billion private research, including new Yi Sheng and seagull bathroom is reached 3. Industry distribution, the 7 industries into the eyes of the private placement of 12, of which the largest number of electronic industry companies, up to 9, followed by the computer and textile and apparel industry, have a total of 6. Although the electronics industry overall number up, but the industry have different emphases, such as a freshwater spring survey of 10 companies, most of the electrical equipment industry company, 9 companies star stone investment research, light manufacturing and textile and garment industry, the most. A number of private equity research stocks worth looking forward to ten million private placement because of its large body size, but also reflects the higher level of its ability. Although these billion private research may not buy, but because of these big coffee research, investors in these companies after the stock is full of expectation. The reporter statistics found that in August, the total of 12 private investigation of the 112 listed companies, excluding the second new Chen security technology, in general, the 111 listed company’s share price in the 5 trading days after the good performance by the research on the 5 trading days before the survey. Statistics show that the first 5 trading days of the survey, the average price of the shares of these 111 companies rose by 0.42%, while the average price of shares rose by an average of 1.59% after the study of the 5 trading days, an increase of 1.17 percentage points. After a survey of 5 trading days is the largest increase sudawei research, after 5 days of investigation than the previous 5 trading days rose 40.63%, while the environmental trimer, ocean motor, Angela technology, seagull bathroom, Hisense Kelon this value is more than 10%. If the largest increase since the survey point of view, the biggest increase of more than 10% up to 32, accounting for nearly 30%. Which rose the most in Dali相关的主题文章: