1 million 480 thousand candidates today, the national civil service examination in mid January-coscoqd

1 million 480 thousand candidates today the national civil service examination in mid January check Sina News 2017 year education institutions directly under the central authority and its civil servants recruited public subjects written examination today, a total of 1 million 486 thousand and 300 people through the qualification examination by the employer, an increase of 91 thousand and 700 compared with 1 million 394 thousand and 600 last year, an increase of 6.58%. The NLD central office reception director and following a post with 9411: 1 competition in the highest proportion of popular posts list. According to previous years, there are more than 30% candidates to abandon the exam, that is, in 2017 to apply for the national examination in 1 million 480 thousand in the year, there will be about 1 million of the candidates to take the exam. It is understood that in 2017 the national examination of public subjects written in the country’s provincial capital cities, autonomous regions, municipalities, municipalities and other large cities at the same time. The public subject written into the occupation ability test and on the Shanghai Branch of the two. According to reports, after the end of the public subject written examination, the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the national civil service bureau will determine the minimum eligibility score line. The position of the western region and the hard and remote areas, grass-roots positions and special professional positions, will be in the delineation of the minimum score line will be policy tilt. In mid January 2017, candidates with my ID number and ticket number login KaoLu project website, query the public subject written examination achievement. The public examination results announced, the central administrative department of civil servants from the public subject written examination by the minimum passing score of the candidates, to determine the list of each position to participate in the interview staff from high to low order in accordance with the results, and published on the website of unified examination. The interview time is determined by the recruiting agencies, usually before the end of March 2017. Editor: Ma Pengfei相关的主题文章: