58Teachers are the most annoying parents, quickly avoid! Sohu -|Teachers are the most annoying parents, quickly avoid! Sohu -1

Teachers are the most annoying parents, quickly avoid! 1 – Sohu, flamboyant maternal parents and teachers when they first meet to show off naturally or half unconsciously. These parents are often the "empty please sit outside and hang in the mouth. As everyone knows, it makes teachers feel that parents too will "show", let the teacher feel disgusted. Or do everything possible to reveal himself and a secretary, a school leader is an acquaintance, is a friend, such a hint will give the teacher left a pull relationship impression. If these words when other children say, will let the teacher feel embarrassed, and at a distance. Godson: action between people good, good communication is based on sincerity. Similarly, the communication between teachers and parents should not be mixed with material, power and other things. If the parents naturally sincere treatment of teachers, I believe the teacher will respond with sincerity, beneficial to the child’s growth. 2, doting parents doted on spoiled children indulge in children have a natural child obey in every way, "eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand in life. The children grow up in such an environment, the ability to work as well as the compression ability is poor, even in dealing with the relationship between students will appear to be difficult. In this kind of communication between parents and teachers, parents are always showing excessive protection of children, wish everything arranged for the children. Godson action: if the parents do not let go, the child will never grow up. For the child’s ability to do things, let go of their children to try. 3, the parents of these parents are indifferent to work as an excuse to send their children to school, and then go out, all the education responsibility to the teacher. If the teacher pointed out that what problems or suggestions about the opening of parents is: the teacher deal with it. Such parents are indifferent to the child’s performance in school, ignoring the child’s psychological needs, for the establishment of a good parent-child relationship is very unfavorable. Godson action: parents is the child’s guardian, is also the first teachers of the children, which plays an important role for children’s character formation. So, do not think that as long as the children are sent to school children’s education Everything will be fine., not only rely on the teacher. 4, grumpy parents if children do what was wrong, or did not test well, parents of children shouted loudly, or even beat. The same is true of teachers, unable to maintain a calm and calm mood and effective communication with the teacher. Encounter this kind of emotional excitement of the parents, the teacher is also afraid to avoid. Godson action: please manage your emotions! Don’t be hostile to people around you because of your temper. 5, regardless of the parents from a personal point of view, regardless of the children and other children, but do not take into account the teacher. In front of the children and teachers complain about other children’s not, favoring their children. This behavior is not only not conducive to solve the real problem of the child, but also the relationship between teachers and students get more and more nervous. Action: if children adults can not be straight,)

90The best suspension nail Sanonda A17 resume trading on the 18 billion 600 million foreign reorganiza|The best suspension nail Sanonda A17 resume trading on the 18 billion 600 million foreign reorganiza1

The best suspension nail Sanonda A17 resume trading on the 18 billion 600 million foreign reorganization case by inquiry hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my strongest nail on the resumption of the 18 billion 600 million A17 suspension Shalongda foreign reorganization case by inquiry Sina Finance News October 14th news you, Sanonda A today issued announcement that the company will be October 17th opening date for restoration. It is worth noting that, from the Sanonda A year has been suspended for over 14 months, the company has become the most worthy of the name of the two bourses suspended "nail households". After Sanonda A proposed price of 18 billion 567 million yuan acquisition of Israel Corp ADAMA equity case, because the issue price adjustment, the industry competition was the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry. Because planning a major asset reorganization, the application to the Shenzhen stock exchange, Sanonda A shares suspended since August 5, 2015 opening. This is a stop, one year and two months, Sanonda A also become the city of Shenzhen two strongest suspension "nail households". Today, Sanonda A said, according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and normative documents, by applying to the Shenzhen stock exchange, the company shares will be October 17, 2016 opening date for the resumption of trading. After A has repeatedly postponed resumption time shalongda. In July this year, Sanonda A announcement that the company promised at the latest before August 4, 2016 in accordance with the provisions of the disclosure of major asset restructuring information. To the evening of August 4th, Sanonda A has issued notice that, due to the reorganization of the new commission had issued draft has not yet formally promulgated and implemented, the company expects the terms of the revised regulations will affect the restructuring transaction. In order to avoid the uncertainty caused by the reorganization of the reorganization of the transaction, the company intends to temporarily suspend the restructuring plan and since August 5th to continue the suspension. Sanonda A long-term suspension and fail to fulfill the promise of the move, caused the dissatisfaction of small shareholders. Many investors in the Shenzhen stock exchange trading platform interactive expressed dissatisfaction with the company, the question of its work efficiency is low. And the resumption of sigh difficult, "tomorrow, tomorrow". It is worth noting that, in September 21st, A had 100% Shalongda equity restructuring of the proposed price of 18 billion 567 million yuan to China conversion issue shares to buy its holdings of ADAMA case, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was questioned. The inquiry, the issue price adjustment plan, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on restructuring involving new shares lock up period, competition and other issues to be concerned about 10. At the same time, the historical evolution of the underlying asset is more concerned. Two weeks apart, Sanonda A also today issued notice to respond to the inquiries, on enquiry response questions. (Sina Finance Selena Li from Guangzhou) into the Sina financial stocks] discussion